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Is the curriculum of Florida Online Academy accredited?

Yes. our curriculum is accredited through the National Association of Private Schools (NAPS). We have candidacy for accreditation through the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI) and the Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation (CITA). AdvancED, the world’s largest educational community with over 23,000 public and private schools, is now the parent organization for CITA and NCA CASI.

What grade levels and courses does Florida Virtual Online School offer?

Florida Online Academy offers online math, language arts, history & social studies, and science courses for grades 3-12. There area variety of electives, including Spanish and French language courses, general Bible courses, as well as others. We are adding new electives all the time.

Does the tuition include the cost of curriculum?

Yes. The tuition cost covers course material. To see tuition costs, please click on the Tuition link above.

When can I enroll?

Florida Online Academy has rolling enrollment which means that students may enroll any time throughout the year. To enroll, call 877-502-2826 or click on the Enroll Now link above.

How much time does my student have to complete the school year?

The school year is typically 180 days, which is about nine months. Students have up to one calendar year (12 months) to complete one school year’s coursework. A semester is 90 days or approximately four and one-half months. Students enrolled in a one-semester course have up to six months to complete the course.

How much time must my student spend on schoolwork each day?

Florida Online Academy suggests that parents and students allow 45-60 minutes per subject per day for 180 school days to complete a program of study. It is important to meet these requirements at the high school level in order to receive credit. Students may accelerate course completion by increasing study hours or working during weekends.

How long does a student have to complete their coursework?

Our school is based on a 10 month school year, just like brick & mortar schools. However, if a student needs extra time, they have up to 12 months (1 calendar year) to complete their work. If a student needs additional time beyond this, it is important to contact us before the end of the 12 month period.

What should I do if my student has an academic question I can’t answer?

For parents seeking to help their children may need to research to find answers to academic questions themselves. But, or those who are really stuck, we do offer tutoring. Our tutors are Florida teachers who are certified in their subject areas. Communication with tutors can be through email or telephone. Tutoring costs $25 per hour, billed in 15 minute increments.

Do you offer a high school diploma and an official transcript for high school?

Yes. Upon successful completion, a diploma is issued to students. Transcripts are issued upon graduation or transfer. They are sent to colleges or other schools upon written request.

What is the role of the parent, and who grades student work?

Just as in Brick-and-Mortar schools, parental involvement is crucial to your student’s success. Therefore, parents are strongly encouraged to take an active role in their student’s education. This is accomplished through working with your student and daily reviewing your student’s progress. With ourOdysseyware Learning System, the work is graded automatically in the Learning Management System. Parents can view grades and progress at any time.

How does Florida Online Academy’s curriculum work?

Our curriculum is used at various Florida public school districts, including Pasco, Highlands, Levy, Taylor, Walton, and other county school districts. The coursework is available 24/7 through any high-speed Internet connection and any personal computer (PC) or Macintosh®. Curriculum is accessed through a given Internet link and a login password.

Our curriculum has a diverse, vibrant mix of entertaining lessons, assignments, and quizzes available any time and any place. Interactive learning games, web links, and off-computer projects create opportunities for in-depth study. We offer four core subjects and a variety of exciting electives that can be used as supplements or specialized courses for your student. Online lessons can be customized to meet individual learning needs.

Do I need a specific computer and operating system for Florida Online Academy’s online curriculum?

No. Our curriculum can be used with any computer, as well as any Microsoft®, Macintosh®, or Linux-based operating system. It only requires a high-speed Internet connection.

Does my student have to be connected to the Internet while doing schoolwork?

Yes. You need to be connected to the Internet, so your student can do his schoolwork.

If my student is enrolled in Florida Online Academy, do I still control his schedule?

One of the benefits of Florida Online Academy is schedule flexibility. The parent has the freedom to change the student’s schedule, provided it stays within the deadline for the course. Parents do not need to notify FOA of a school day that has been missed. If the student will not be working for a week or more, we do recommend informing FVOS.

Can I use a dial-up or satellite Internet connection if I live in a remote area?

We do not recommend using dial-up or satellite Internet connections because of frequent reports about the difficulty of transmitting schoolwork. However, if there is no other option, families may try using a dial-up or satellite connection if they can receive a stable Internet connection and are willing to assume the risk that it may prove unsatisfactory.

Are there any tools to ensure appropriate grade level placement for students within the curriculum?

Yes. Through the use of Florida Online Academy’s placement testing and analysis, parents receive a snapshot of students’ abilities, strengths, and weaknesses in all core subject areas.

Does Florida Online Academy allow accommodations for users with special needs?

Yes. At Florida Online Academy, we’re committed to delivering curriculum to all students, no matter what challenges they may face. Our text-to-speech tool is a valuable innovation that allows students to highlight specific text and have it read back to them by the computer, facilitating individualized learning. Text translation tools, available in eight languages, help ELL students stay on course regardless of English proficiency.

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